Valerry  Mannarino

VP Training and Coaching

Additional Experience

  • Growth Strategies
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Team Building & Engagement
  • Innovation
  • Global Perspective
  • Process Driven

About Valerry //

Valerry Mannarino is the VP Training & Coaching with velocityHUB. She develops authentic, resourceful and resilient leaders who get results for their organization. She specializes in leadership development, talent acquisition, culture building and other areas of personal/group growth.
As a senior business development leader, Valerry has delivered results in enterprise talent acquisition, relationship development, and training and education. She is adept in getting to know her subject and often pulls her clients into uncharted territories. Her strong intuition blended with her ability to shift perspective allows others to successfully craft and bring their ideas to light.
Valerry has designed a training & coaching program that begins with establishing a foundation for each individual in clarifying personal and professional values as well as creating a long term vision. She combines this insight with the classes learned skills to create a purpose/mission statement which they can use as a filter for their decision making.
Valerry has spent over 20 years listening too and understanding her customer’s needs which resulted in revenue streams of over $10 million a year, as well as cost avoidance strategies saving organizations millions annually. She ranked in the top 10% for personal performance ratings receiving multiple awards, including employee of the year, consistently year after year during her career.
Technology, Defense, Manufacturing, Professional Services
Recently Valerry is working as the Recruitment Manager for a Canadian start up firm specializing in the talent acquisition of mass transit and railway professionals. Prior to that she has been the lead Corporate Recruiter for several multi-billion dollar organizations in the manufacturing sector.
Her early career consisted of client development, sales and proposal support for large federal instillations and enterprise commercial customers.
Valerry was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA but has also spent 12 years living in and supporting the Co. Springs, CO and Denver, CO markets. She is an author and writer specializing in assisting trauma victims with recovery.

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