Francois Gau, Partner at velocityHUB Pittsburgh was invited to discuss strategy during BUS 698 Strategy & Entrepreneurship class at Chatham University.

The presentation about “Growing a business 3X” was for the Chatham University’s graduate business programs Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Accounting (MAcc).

Francois Gau said: “It is very rewarding to step back from our daily activities and give back to MBA students. I always learn a lot by doing that!”

Francois received praise from the class.

“Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule. I truly enjoyed your talk last night. I learned a lot and I think the students gained some valuable insights. Your perspective really helped “connect some dots” that we didn’t cover in our class. Great stuff!”

About velocityHUB Pittsburgh:

velocityHUB Pittsburgh was formed in 2017 by Francois Gau, who became a Partner with velocityHUB. velocityHUB engineers results-oriented training programs, high-value consulting, and targeted executive coaching to many of the world’s leading companies, small & medium businesses, and non-profits.. velocityHUB helps companies, individuals, and communities grow to reach their maximum potential and achieve their dreams.