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velocityHUB brings 30 years of leadership, strategic thinking, energy and passion to manufacturing, industrials, and a myriad of other industries.

If you need to deliver positive change within your organization, our DRIVE approach is proven to drive growth. By empowering Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Teams and Strategic Initiatives, you’ll be poised to fund new innovation and investments, attract new talent, and acquire assets.

Our velocityDRIVE Approach is comprised of five key areas:

DEFINE the business challenge/opportunity – we listen, ask, probe and question.

REFINE the business challenge/opportunity – set the scope of the solution to drive specific, tangible, and practical results.

INSIGHT & develop solutions – bringing insights from over 10 different industries from around the world to develop creative and practical solutions.
VALIDATE your solution – we help you implement the solution with an emphasis on validation—before launch. In testing, correcting and deploying changes via a deliberate pace, we find the chances of success are significantly higher.
EXECUTE your plan – this is the full launch of our plan with a focus on measuring results.

Set your business up for Growth.

Whether you are in a position where you need to drive more revenue or you are ready to push your growth to a new level, velocityHUB can help you create growth strategies to take your business to new heights.

Sustained growth does not just happen. Many businesses do see rapid growth and then hit plateaus, or they face some of the challenges that growth introduces – finding talent, team cohesiveness & productivity, integrating brands, and more.

velocityHUB has a set of solutions that can help you sustain growth or drive towards new growth goals:

Growth Strategy

Work with velocityHUB consultants to develop a strategy for growth using proven methodologies, implement the plan, and execute for short-term successes and long-term sustainability.

Sales & Marketing Blueprints

Sales and Marketing make up the revenue engine for your organization. In order for that engine to run smoothly, those 2 elements must work collaboratively. Many organizations do not have synergy between Sales and Marketing. velocityHUB works to integrate those 2 elements.

Leadership and Innovation Workshops

Companies who want to grow must have the leadership and teams who are ready to do it. velocityHUB offers a number of workshops tailored towards team building, leadership, innovative thinking and strategic development.

Individually tailored to your unique challenge, our consulting is delivered in hourly, multi-hour, half-day and full-day sessions. To learn more, contact us.

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