velocityHUB was invited at the Small Business Roundtable (June 16) hosted by the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce in Greensburg, PA to share best practices on how to beat the competition, strategically.

With over two decades of experience working in the industry, we wanted to share practical tools with small business leaders to:

  • Think Strategically – Have a vision
    • Allocate 10% of your time to think “on the business” – the temptation to focus 110% in the business is strong, but leads to tactical moves at best.
    • Where to start? 9 key questions were shared with the audience. Ask for your copy below.
  • Focus Sharply on top markets, products and customers – Have a plan
    • Importance of a market map – Where to focus sales? Where to focus Marketing? Where to focus on execution? Where not to go?
    • Knowing your sweet spot – Your own staff knows way more than you think about where to go. Have you asked them?
    • Staying on top of customers – Which customers are creating economic value and which ones are creating pain? Tough question…
  • Move Quickly – Engage teams and share the plan
    • Importance of culture – Culture beats strategy 10 to 1!
    • Engage everyone, share the plan – Engaged employees = Engaged Customers = Growth = Profits!

The presentation material can be requested below. Don’t forget to ask for a free consultations to unleash growth with velocity!

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